What Are the Benefits of Soft Strip Demolition?

What Are the Benefits of Soft Strip Demolition?

Most of us will usually associate the word ‘demolition’ with the total destruction of a property, tearing it down completely and starting afresh. However, there are times when this isn’t possible or necessary and a gentler approach is required. That’s where soft strip demolition comes in.

But what is soft strip demolition? And what are its benefits? The team at Hill Demolition is here to help with this handy guide.

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What is soft strip demolition? 

While you may think demolition jobs involve destroying an entire structure, this isn’t always the case. Soft strip demolition is a specialised process where the structure of a building is left in place yet certain elements are removed, such as staircases, ceilings, non-load bearing walls, fixtures and fittings, and much more. Essentially, you’re stripping the building back to its bare bones to provide a blank canvas ready for renovation.

What’s the difference between soft strip and hard demolition?

While soft strip demolition leaves a building’s structure intact, hard demolition will completely destroy the whole building until just rubble is left. As soft strip demolition is a more intricate undertaking, it’s usually carried out by hand, meaning the process can take a little bit longer. Meanwhile, hard demolition is typically completed by plant machinery and the demolition itself is typically much faster; however, the process is subject to a lot more red tape and you may be left waiting around for local authorities to grant approval.

When is soft strip demolition used?

Soft strip demolition is most commonly used in refurbishment and remodelling projects. Perhaps you’re looking to completely renovate a building that is structurally sound? Or maybe you just want to refurbish a specific area of a property rather than the whole building? By opting for a soft strip demolition, you can efficiently clear out any unwanted interior elements that are hindering any renovation plans you had in mind.

Soft strip demolition is also utilised when heritage buildings undergo significant renovations, as it allows you to update the interior to meet modern standards while still preserving historical architectural features. It’s also a much more environmentally friendly solution than a hard demolition, so it will likely be used if your project has specific sustainability requirements.

What are the benefits of soft strip demolition?

  • Cost-effective:

As soft strip demolition reduces the need for costly rebuilding, it’s likely to work out as a cheaper solution in the long run. Waste management costs can also be reduced as many materials can be salvaged and reused.

  • Environmentally friendly:

During soft strip demolition, interior fixtures are carefully removed rather than being destroyed. This allows certain materials to be recycled, which diverts waste from landfill and minimises the environmental impact of your project.

  • Faster:

While hard demolition is initially faster than soft strip demolition, once you factor in the extensive amount of rebuilding that will be required, the overall construction timeline will typically be much longer.

  • Safer:

As soft strip demolition involves targeted removal, plant machinery will typically not be used which allows for greater precision and control. It also generates less dust and debris, which helps to create a safer environment for everyone involved.


To find out more about the benefits of soft strip demolition, why not get in touch with the team at Hill Demolition? For more than 50 years, we’ve been providing a range of demolition services to domestic and commercial properties across London, Hertfordshire, Essex and beyond. We use the very latest equipment and take an environmentally conscious approach to each project, making sure to recycle as much waste as possible.

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