What Do You Need To Consider When Demolishing a Building?

What Do You Need To Consider When Demolishing a Building?

Demolishing a building needs careful planning and risk mitigation. That’s why you need to get a specialist demolition company on board from the very start who can help you every step of the way. 

So, let’s explore what you need to consider when demolishing a building to ensure it’s a safe operation. 

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Get the right permission

The good news is that the majority of demolitions won’t require planning permission. However, certain sizes and scales of demolition might well require planning permission, as will projects that are being carried out in certain areas. A professional demolition company should be able to arrange any paperwork before you begin. 

Do a risk assessment

Demolitions have the potential to affect the local area, whether that’s through noise, disruption or falling debris. That’s why it’s vital to carry out a risk assessment to accurately predict and mitigate any risks that your project could cause. A specialist demolition company should be able to help you with this.  

Another big risk to consider is whether your structure contains asbestos, as any disturbance of asbestos-containing structures can result in harmful asbestos fibres being released into the atmosphere. It is the law that you should detect and remove asbestos before any demolition takes place. 

There are also other materials that could pose a risk, including chemicals, unstable areas and lead-containing paints, all of which need to be recorded prior to the demolition. 

Decide the method and machinery

There are three main methods of demolition to choose from, which are: 

  • Explosive:

As the name suggests, explosives are used to quickly demolish a structure. First, glass and other harmful materials are removed, and the building is weakened before the explosive is detonated. 

  • Machine:

This technique uses physical methods such as swing balls, excavators, bulldozers, shears and pulverisers, concrete breakers, wire rope pulling, hydraulic breakers or pushing arms, magnets, and much more. Using machines can mitigate safety issues by eliminating the need for people to work at a height. 

  • By hand:

A slower, more delicate technique, demolition performed by hand is used for cases when only certain parts of a structure need to be demolished, or if the task needs a more careful approach. 

Consult with your chosen demolition company to decide on the most suitable technique for your project. 

Arrange waste collection

Demolitions naturally result in a lot of waste being produced, so it’s important to select a responsible, reliable company to collect and process the waste safely and efficiently. To make this easier for yourself, it’s wise to select a demolition company that can also provide a professional waste management service – and that’s exactly what we provide here at Hill Demolition. 

For comprehensive demolition and waste management services throughout the UK, look no further than Hill Demolition. Established in 1968, we’re experienced, safety-conscious contractors who have carried out thousands of demolition and waste management projects in the UK. As members of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors, you can trust in our industry-leading service – simply get in touch to discuss your project.

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